Mission Statement

MultipleSpacings was founded as a visual arts platform for cultural encounters between Latin America and Switzerland/Europe.
The curatorial focus is on encounters between Latin America and Europe. The spacings (beiseite in German, aparte in Spanish) of MultipleSpacings have the multiple meanings of spatial intervals . The multiple of MultipleSpacings refers to this multiplicity of spacings, to the formats of multiples and art editions, and to plurality in general.

In a first phase, a physical location was established in Switzerland's capital Bern to gain visibility and establish contacts, working closely with Embassies and Cultural Attaché's Offices. In its current second phase, MultipleSpacings offers a curatorial program comprising exhibitions, projects and editions through cooperations with hosting institutions, including galleries, embassies and art foundations.
In addition MultipleSpacings will offer to collectors a deep overview of the global market and access to contemporary and modern artists as well.


MultipleSpacings Curatorial Program

The curatorial program at MultipleSpacings looks for exhibitions and artists to respond to social, political crisis, borders from the geographic and political to the social and psychological view. We are constantly seeking a balance between artists and boundaries. We do collaborations mixing artistic practices for special projects.

In addition MultipleSpacings are joining efforts with Non Spaces, an on-line platform that identifies temporary real estate opportunities by delivering unique locations for exhibitions and projects offering state of the art platform to the artists and the public.

Vivian Landau is an independent curator, art advisor and cultural events marketing specialist based in Zürich. She holds a Postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies Degree (MAS) in Art Curating from Zürich University of the Arts (ZHDK)

"Providing Art collection Assessment, professional advice and the need of making new collections or adding new pieces to established collections has been of high importance to me, as well as providing site-specific commissioned artworks and exclusive access to a private network of works of art on both primary and secondary market"